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MEN: Staying Healthy

Our life expectancy is longer in this day and age.  50 is the new 30, and while you may be eligible for some senior citizen discounts, you don't have to think of this stage of your life as the beginning of the end.

There are still more adventures to be had and obstacles to overcome as well as events to attend in your grandchildren's lives. Your age may get older, but you need to keep your body young, so you can live longer and be there for your family.

Men and women over 50 have to deal with many senior health issues, but as you age, your body's needs change, and you have to know how to protect your bones, your organs, and your mental wellness.

Breezewood is not only intrested in helping you through your illnesses but also intrested in helping you stay healthy and fit. Please review the pamplets and don't shy away from asking questions.

Don't forget Dr. Geszler is a  board certified in Clinical Science of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. Take an active role in your health, talk to us and let us help you stay on the right path and to a healthly and happy life.


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